Cloud Mining Update 3 with Crypto Cloud Mining

Cloud Mining #3 with Crypto Cloud Mining

Because some of my busyness lately, finally I've been able to re-update the Cloud Mining with the latest list of some websites mining Cloud service provider, be it a rental or contract basis. There are some who deliberately Crypto Mining I enter, because I thought to lately seems Cryptocurrency again rising demand. Here goes the list is.

Cloud Hashing
Cloud Mining‎
Bitcoin Cloud Mining
Butterfly Labs
Bitcoin Cloud Hashing
Bitcoin Asic Hosting
Miner Lease
Black Arrow Software
Cloud Hashers
Miner Cloud
Beta Rigs
PB Mining
EO Bot
Coin Firma
Mega Big Power
Nimbus Mining
Bit Miners
Bitcoin Minerz
Bitcoin Mining Solutions
Mining Solution
Miner Cloud
Buy A Hash
Coin Well
Lite Hashing
Bitcoin Mining Cloud

I warn you all that you should still be careful with these sites. Make sure first if the site is actually trustworthy or not. One of them there may be a check on this site: Bitcoin Scammers

I hope it helped, happy and become rich! : D

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Great list of Bitcoin CloudMining sites. I've added reviews of the top programs here:

Bitcoin Cloud Hashing is a scam. They will take your coin and then disappear
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